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3 Ways to Shrink and Minimize Pores Naturally

3 Ways to Shrink and Minimize Pores Naturally

Many people, most especially women are extremely conscious of the size of their pores. Aside from being unsightly, large pores are likely to block more easily that can cause whiteheads, blackheads, and pimples. A lot of cultures also feel that having large pores is unattractive and undesirable.

And we might have media and their impractical standards of beauty to blame for this. In a way, media has changed people’s perception of beauty. To be beautiful, you should be fair, flawless as well as poreless.

As much as you want to shrink or minimize large pores to obtain that photoshopped model appearance, it really isn’t possible. You cannot really shrink the pore size once they are enlarged. Well,  it is not entirely impossible, but it is definitely hard, not to mention very expensive. Luckily there are ways to prevent your pores from looking big. Let me share with you some of them.


1. Apply Vitamin C to Your Face

Applying fresh vitamin C on your face will increase the production of collagen in your skin, minimize inflammation, eradicate bacteria as well as prevent dirt build-up in pores, all these help to shrink or minimize the pore size. 

To maximize the benefit of using Vitamin C, it is highly advisable to utilize a liquid form of Vitamin C. But, liquid vitamin doesn’t stay potent or efficient very long. Therefore, the best choice is to take I-ascorbic acid or powdered form of Vitamin C that has been proven to be the most efficient, add a small amount of water to it, and then apply it to your skin. Use this once a day, and just a few weeks you will your pores start to shrink.

2. Exfoliate your Skin

Skin exfoliation is extremely vital for shrinking or minimizing pores. It helps eliminate dead skin cells and dirt from pores which can block pores that leads to enlargement and inflammation.

Keeping the skin free from dirt buildup and dead skin cells will help reduce the appearance of the pores. The practical and natural ways of exfoliating your skin are through using baking soda. All you need to is to mix a small amount of baking soda with water to form a paste and then massage the face with it in a circular motion. Rinse with tap water. 


3. Shrink Pores with Special Face Procedure

Before taking a bath, apply a homemade peel-off mask on your face. This will help in removing all dead cells and open pores. Therefore, during your shower wash your face with a gentle washcloth and homemade natural liquid soap. In this way, you’ll clean all the open pores from dirt, dust as well as excessive oil which caused the occurrence of blackheads. You must avoid rubbing your skin tightly while washing it.  You may also use gentle facial brushes which will allow you to minimize and clean pores when possible.

Just before you’re getting out of the shower, rinse your face with cold water for thirty seconds to close the pores. As a result, you’ll shrink pores and make them less noticeable. You have to follow this method at least once or two times a week for fifteen days to obtain the desired results.  Make sure just to use natural products to avoid irritation or to prevent the condition from getting worse. 


Enlarged pores affect a lot of people- and like many other things, genetics tend to be responsible. On the other hand, don’t blame your folks just yet as enlarged pores can also be caused by aging, sun damage as well as poor hygiene. You can shrink or minimize your pores by following the three steps mentioned above.