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6 Turmeric Face Masks for a Clearer Skin

Turmeric is considered the most excellent natural ingredients to obtain clear skin. The best thing about is that it can be utilized for any type of skin. It is abundant in antioxidants which help in cleaning pores deeply, eliminate dead skin, treat acne, and add a healthy glow and wrinkles as well. Here is the top 6 turmeric face mask recipe.

  1. Turmeric and Cinnamon Mask Good for Oily Skin

This mask is ideal in treating and drying out acne without leaving any scars. It adds a stunning glow to the skin and makes it look healthy and plump. To make a cinnamon and turmeric face mask, you will need one tsp of turmeric, one tsp of cinnamon and honey. Just mix the three ingredients and mix well. 

  1. Turmeric Face Mask for Glowing Skin

To make a face mask for glowing skin, you will need one to two teaspoon of coconut oil or honey and ½ teaspoon of turmeric powder. Combine the two ingredients to create a smooth paste. Apply directly to your face and leave it for ten minutes. Rinse with lukewarm water.

  1. Turmeric Face Mask for Acne Scar

Turmeric is known to cure acne scars and acne. It also heals and prevents acne and brightens scars overtime. To make a turmeric face mask for acne scar, you will need two tablespoons of lemon juice, two tablespoons of honey, one teaspoon of yogurt and a small amount of turmeric powder.

Mix all the ingredients well. With a cotton swab and apply it to the affected area. Leave it for half an hour and then wash your face with lukewarm water. This face masks not just helps in lightening scar, but also bring back the glow of your skin in general.

  1. Acne Prone Skin Face Mask

To create a turmeric face mask for skin prone to acne, you will need two teaspoon rice flour, one half teaspoon turmeric powder, one tablespoon yogurt and one teaspoon of honey. Make sure all these ingredients are natural.

In a small bowl, put in two teaspoons of organic rice flour, turmeric powder, one tablespoon of yogurt and one teaspoon honey. Mix well and ensure that there is no lump. In case the masks feel thick, put in more yogurt or rose water. This is perfect for people with oily skin.

Next, clean your face with your preferred cleanser. Then start applying the mask on your face. In case you have a dark circle, make sure to apply there too. Let it sit for half an hour. Massage your face and rinse off with lukewarm water.

  1. Turmeric Face Mask for Bright, Glowing and Clear Skin

You will need aloe vera and turmeric powder to make this kind of face mask. Put it in a bowl and mix well. Apply straight onto your face and let it sit for 30 minutes. Rinse off with warm water.

  1. Turmeric Face Mask for Dull Skin

Exfoliating is your key to getting the skin healthy and glowing again. Try this great face mask recipe.

To make a face mask, you will need ½ cup of plain yogurt, ½ tbsp of Turmeric and ½ cup of finely ground oatmeal. Mix all the ingredients until you have a nice paste and apply directly to a clean face using circular motions. Rinse off after twenty minutes to reveal glowing skin!


Great skincare combined with a good diet will always yield better results in an immediate fix solution So ensure you include these face masks into your daily routine. But don’t forget to eat fruits and veggies every day, drink plenty of water, get enough exercise and sleep and you will have a healthy and glowing skin!