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7 Best Ways to Remove Nail Polish Without Remover

Nail polish is a staple for a lot of women. The gorgeous and vibrant shades glam up your nails most essential if the goes along with your outfit. But, when hue fades, you have to remove and replace it. Nail polish remover is a commonly used cleaning solution to eliminate nail polish. If it’s not possible, still you can try some other options which obtain the same result. This article shared seven quick and simple methods on how to remove nail polish without remover.

Alcohol with white sugar

Removing nail polish without using nail polish remover is possible. All you need to do is to make home nail polish remover using only alcohol and white sugar. Put a few drops of alcohol and sugar into a bowl and mix well. Get a cotton pad and soak it in the solution and remove your nail polish. This solution works the same way as real nail polish remover. 

Clear Nail Gloss

If you have clear nail gloss left at home, keep it as you can use it to remover nail polish. All you have to do is to apply the nail gloss onto your manicured nails, making sure you don’t let it dry. Then remove it using cotton. The applied clear nail gloss softens the old polish, which makes it faster for you to get rid of it. In only a few minutes, there is no sign of nail polish left on your nails.


If you don’t have acetone available, you can use deodorant as an alternative. A deodorant spray has similar component as acetone. Once you apply a considerable amount on the nails, it can eliminate nail polish. But, don’t let the deodorant to dry as it will just strengthen the manicure.

Body Spray or Perfume

Perfume or body spray is an effective alternative to acetone when getting rid of nail polish. All you need to is to spray on your nails with a cotton pad. Perfume and body spray contains a specific amount of alcohol that is also present in nail polish remover or acetone.

White Vinegar and Lemon Juice

A combination of white vinegar and lemon juice is an effective homemade solution able to remove nail polish. Simply add an equal amount of lemon juice and white vinegar in a bowl and apply the solution on every nail. Soak your finger in lukewarm water for five to ten minutes. You’ll need to spend ten to twenty seconds for every nail which traces of the old manicure are totally removed.


Toothpaste seems strange to use for getting rid of nail polish, but it really works. Wipe and run a generous amount of toothpaste over the nail polish with your hand or using a cotton pad. But, ensure to avoid letting the toothpaste to dry because it will no longer be efficient. In just a matter of seconds, old nail polish will begin to come off along with the toothpaste.

Lukewarm Water

You don’t need to spend a considerable amount of money only to get rid of the old nail polish as you can do so using only lukewarm water.  Transfer lukewarm water in a big bowl and drench your fingers for about twenty to twenty-five minutes. You do this to soften the nail polish. Once you notice that the nail starts to soften take your fingers out. Scrub your nail using a dry cloth. You have to be aware of the water temps to avoid your skin from burning.


There are some things that can be done without spending a considerable amount of money, and getting rid of nail polish is no exception. Just make sure to follow the guide strictly to obtain the best possible results.